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Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network 

Réseau océanien de surveillance de la santé publique





Milestones of PPHSN development/activities since 1995



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Inter-agency Meeting on Health Information Requirements in the South Pacific in Noumea.

Report  (PDF, 101 KB)


The Pacific Public Health Surveillance Working Group, given its mandate by SPC member nations through the Fifteenth Regional Conference of Heads of Health Services held in Noumea at SPC headquarters, prepares the ground for the PPHSN. 


Pacific Island Meeting on Public Health Surveillance in Noumea: the PPHSN is created. The Working Group becomes the Coordinating Body of the PPHSN, with SPC as Focal Point.



PacNet is established.

PacNet  (HTML page)

Hospital-based EPI active surveillance is implemented.



SPC commissions, for the PPHSN, a reference report on "Service-Oriented Training in Public Health. A Model for Enhancing Public Health Surveillance in the Pacific".

Report (PDF, 156 KB)

The monograph Public Health Surveillance in the Pacific is published by SPC, on behalf of the PPHSN.

Monograph (HTML)

SPC starts publishing Inform'ACTION, the bulletin of the PPHSN (ongoing).


The Pacific Telehealth conference takes place at SPC, in Noumea.

Report (PDF, 306 KB)


SPC runs two series of sub-regional training sessions in public health surveillance.

Training  (HTML)


The training programme for the diploma in public health practice starts at the Fiji School of Medicine (FSM).

WHO meeting takes place in Nadi, Fiji, on epidemiological surveillance of HIV, AIDS, STI and other communicable diseases with outbreak potential for Pacific Island countries.

HIV/AIDS STI Guidelines developed after the meeting  (Word doc.)


The training programme for the Masters degree in Public Health Practice starts at FSM.

Inaugural meeting of the PPHSN Public Health Laboratory Network (PPHSN-LabNet) is held at SPC headquarters, in Noumea.

Report  (Word & PDFs)

PacNet-restricted is established.

The Pacific Health Dialog issue on Telehealth is published.

PHD on Telehealth  (HTML & PDFs)


Madang meeting of Directors and Ministers of Health acknowledges the achievements of the PPHSN and endorses the future development plans regarding EpiNet, the "response arm" of the network.

Madang Report (PDF)

The PICTs nominate their EpiNet teams.

List of EpiNet Teams (Word)

Dec 2001 - Mar 2002

PPHSN-EpiNet workshops I, II & III, respectively involving EpiNet team members from the Micronesian sub-region in Guam, Melanesian sub-region & French-speaking countries & territories in Noumea and Polynesian sub-region in Apia. Development of draft guidelines for the surveillance and response to 6 priority epidemic diseases and recommendations for Pacific organisation, collaboration and communication in outbreak surveillance and response.

EpiNet  (HTML)



A series of training sessions in epidemiology & outbreak investigation starts.

Training sessions (HTML)

PPHSN Website is created.


PPHSN links with US resources against bioterrorism.




Chronology of PPHSN SARS Actions (PDF, 35 KB)

Regional EpiNet and LabNet workshops, with the following main areas addressed: SARS & Infection Control, planning against Influenza, PPHSN projects, PPHSN extension to other diseases, International Health Regulation and LabNet development. The PPHSN Strategic Plan was also developed as a result of the workshops.

Overview of the 1st Regional EpiNet workshop (Html pages)

Overview of the Regional workshop "LabNet 2003" (Html pages)




 Preparedness for Influenza

PPHSN Advice on Avian Influenza (for human and Animal health)

PPHSN Guidelines for Influenza Preparedness & Control and Influenza Pandemic Preparedness


Second Regional EpiNet Workshop on "PPHSN Preparedness for Influenza and other potentials threats like dengue and SARS"

Workshop documents and report


Projects to support influenza surveillance and pandemic preparedness are initiated.

  LabNet is developed in the US Pacific with a series
  of 3 workshops organised for the US Pacific Islands

Article in Inform'ACTION



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