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Vaccine Management

This page is intended to provide PPHSN members with information on new reference documents for Vaccine Management:

1. WHO - Getting started with Vaccine Vial Monitors (2002) (PDF, 171 KB)

WHO - Guidelines for establishing or improving primary or intermediate vaccine stores (2002)
(PDF, 421 KB)

WHO - How to look after a cold room or freezer room: Self assessment tool (2002)
(PDF, 181 KB)

WHO Policy Statement: Multi Dose Vial Policy (2000 - updated from 1995)
(PDF, 41 KB)

WHO - Users handbook for vaccine cold room and freezer rooms (2002)
(PDF, 378 KB)

6. WHO-UNICEF - Effective Vaccine Stores Management Initiative - Model Quality Plan (2002),
    very good reference for anything cold chain)
(PDF, 643KB)

UNICEF Checking vaccine arrivals - The vaccine arrival report
(PDF, 670 KB)

WHO - Monitoring Vaccine Wastage at the country level (2003)
(PDF, 430 KB)

WHO-UNICEF - Ensuring the quality of vaccines at the country level (2002)
(PDF, 314 KB)

For further information or to receive these documents in electronic form, please contact us: phs.cdc@spc.int.

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