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LabNet  was inaugurated at a meeting in Noumea, New Caledonia, in April 2000.

The three-tier network of public health laboratory services includes:

Level 1 (L1): National/territorial laboratories

Level 2 (L2): Four public health laboratories from the Pacific Island region (in Fiji Islands, French Polynesia, Guam and New Caledonia)

Level 3 (L3): Reference laboratories in Pacific Rim countries or within the Pacific

Technical Working Body (TWB)


A Technical working body (TWB) has been created for the facilitation and coordination of LabNet development. This working group has been revived with new members and revised terms of references (see the outcomes of the teleconference organised in April 2011).


LabNet catalog

The catalog includes information regarding the 3 types of laboratories (contacts and activities) > available in PDF (271 KB).



For any further information please contact the Technical Working Body through the PPHSN Coordinating Body Focal Point.


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