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Within the framework of PPHSN:
To set minimum standards for infection control in PICTs, with adapted evidence-
   based/best practices
To develop infection control capacity in PICTs
To raise awareness of infection control issues
To develop and maintain infection control links with health (and other) entities
   (e.g. governmental and non-governmental agencies, donors)
To develop a strategic plan for PICNet
Future objective: To develop and maintain standardised healthcare-associated infection
   (HAI) surveillance and response mechanisms

All health professionals with an interest in infection control, with one national focal point for each SPC member state
Health professionals from Australia and New Zealand with an interest in infection control
International organisations: WHO, SPC
Training institutions, including schools of nursing, medicine, oral health

Steering committee
WHO (1)
SPC (1)
Fiji School of Medicine (1) (yet to be confirmed)
Six core-member representatives, who volunteered and were nominated at the first
   technical consultation meeting, from Fiji, Kiribati, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa
   and Solomon Islands
This composition will be subsequently reviewed and adapted to have sub-regional representation, like the PPHSN Coordinating Body. A renewal process will also be put in place.
Facilitate and monitor the achievement of objectives
Maintain records of PICNet meetings/workshops, including recommendations and
  plans of action, and disseminate them to relevant bodies for appropriate action
Internal communication by e-mail, with a meeting or teleconference twice a year

Focal point
The focal point of PICNet is the PPHSN Coordinating Body focal point.
Develop and maintain network communication with core and allied members and
   external linkages
Provide technical assistance in collaboration with other agencies/members


Compiled by the PPHSN Coordinating Body Focal Point: SPC's Public Health Surveillance
& Communicable Disease Control Section. Email: SPC 2010.