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SPC's Public Health Surveillance & Communicable Disease Control Section - Services and Assistance


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The Public Health Surveillance & Communicable Disease Control (PHS&CDC) Section is part of the Public Health Division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). It is based at SPC's Noumea headquarters.

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• Dr Pascal Frison, Communicable Disease Surveillance Specialist: pascalf@spc.int; Tel +687 26 20 00
• Salanieta Elbourne, Laboratory Specialist: salae@spc.int, Tel +687 26 20 00

• Christelle Lepers, Surveillance Information and Communication Officer: christellel@spc.int; Tel +687 26 01 81
• Elise Benyon, Data Processing Officer: eliseb@spc.int; Tel +687 26 01 64

• PPHSN Coordinating Body Focal Point: phs.cdc@spc.int; Tel +687 26 20 00; Fax +687 26 38 18
• SPC Noumea: Tel +687 26 20 00; Fax +687 26 38 18


Mandate: The Public Health Surveillance and Communicable Disease Control (PHS&CDC) Section’s mandate is the PHD Strategic Plan. The section is also the Focal Point of the Coordinating Body of the Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network (PPHSN), with the directions of the PPHSN approved by the annual meeting of the PPHSN Coordinating Body.  


Goal: Promote and protect the health of Pacific Island People.


Objectives: The section shares the broad objectives of the Public Health Division. In addition, the overall objectives of the section are: (1) improve public health surveillance and response in the Pacific Islands in a sustainable manner; (2) ensure that all programme activities are in line with the goal of a sustainable development of public health surveillance and epidemiology sustainable development objectives applied in Pacific Island countries and territories, and fit in with the strategic framework of PPHSN.


Funding and partners: The work programme is funded by project-specific funding provided by various donors including France and NZAID and the US Centers for Disease Control (lab-based influneza surveillance project). Most of the activities are undertaken in partnership with PPHSN core and allied members within the framework of the network.


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