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Jun 15 - Jun 17
Jun 15 - Jun 17

Tonga One Health and Vector-borne Diseases Workshop

​The One Health approach relies on the interdependency of human, animal and environmental health. Zoonotic disease surveillance, management and control are better managed using a cross-sector, transdisciplinary approach. Of particular interest, the emergence of vector-borne zoonotic diseases in relation to climate change is better handled with a One Health approach: the human and financial cost of outbreaks may be reduced if detected in vectors, wildlife or livestock first. Integrated vector borne surveillance systems have also been shown more efficient and cost-effective compared to multiple single-species systems.

The overarching aim for this project is to strengthen the use of the One Health approach in Tonga, with the example of vector surveillance. This project is funded through EU COVID-19 Phase 2 Multi-partner funds.