The Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network (PPHSN)The Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network (PPHSN), which was created in 1996 under the joint auspices of SPC and the World Health Organization (WHO), has been building capacity and providing expertise in communicable disease surveillance and response across the Pacific for 22 years.  

Our SPC Surveillance, Preparedness and Response programme is the Focal Point of the Coordinating Body of the network and together with Pacific Island countries and territories and partners, we are committed to maintaining and building on the successes of PPHSN.

Our major roles and responsibilities as the PPHSN Coordinating Body (PPHSN-CB) Focal Point are to support the functions of the PPHSN-CB by:

  1. providing a Secretariat function for the PPHSN-CB,
  2. organising PPHSN-related meetings,
  3. transmitting the results of PPHSN-related meetings to the membership and other appropriate entities,
  4. representing the PPHSN at conferences and meetings, and
  5. making sure minimum resources are available to at least support secretariat functions and information dissemination, which includes PacNet and Inform’ACTION publication.

SPC also contributes to the development of the network. A large part of our activities aim at strengthening the six PPHSN services: PacNet, LabNet, EpiNet, PICNet, the Pacific Syndromic Surveillance System and the Strengthening Health Interventions in the Pacific (SHIP)/Data for decision-making (DDM) programme.

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