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Apr 8 - Apr 12
Apr 8 - Apr 12

6th Pacific Biomedical Engineering Network Meeting

​The Pacific Biomedical Engineering Network formerly known as Pacific Biomedical Network held its inaugural meeting in 2012 for biomedical engineers and technicians in the region. This platform was launched to create a forum where regional biomed experts were able to provide support, share experiences, challenges and develop resolutions to the common challenges they faced.

 The role of the PBEN forum is to ensure that Heads of Health are provided with clear guidance, advice and support from their Director of Clinical Services to enable them to make informed decisions on priority issues relating to biomedical engineering matters and the development of biomedical engineering services in the Pacific.


Meeting Objectives

The objectives of the meeting are for member countries to share Biomedical experiences, challenges and to strengthen partnerships towards addressing Biomedical priorities in Pacific Island Countries & Territories (PICTs). Topics of interest include:

  • Capacity-building: Strengthen knowledge and skills through training. The workshop will include technical training of biomedical test equipment, servicing, maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • Network: Support biomedical services and skills through strong collaboration and Partnerships
  • Leadership: Strengthen leadership and management skills for qualified biomedical
  • technicians targeted towards country's needs.
  • Gender Equality, Disability Social Inclusion (GEDSI): Increase awareness on GEDSI matters in the health profession and biomedical field.

Recommendations from the meeting will be presented to the Pacific Directors of Clinical Services meeting.